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16th August 2021

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I hope that you will find this site as joyful and happy as all of the content especially the photos which you have all so kindly taken and forwarded to us will hopefully reflect our happiness. They are all stunning, and we have enjoyed showing them off to all and sundry. Thanks again for doing that.

We both met through a Dating site called Guardian Soulmates , ( no longer) and we had both left two very horrendous marriages behind, but decided very shortly that we would one day as we were both approaching 70 to get married.

Our years were all enjoyable as I continued performing and recording my Caribbean songs performing all, over the country, niot only in small dingy public houses, but on nice little festival stages such as The Back Beach/ Ship inn Festival in Teighmough where I have performed for some 12-15 years , excluding the pandemic years.
Time marched on , and on February 29th 2019 the date after my Mother’s birthday, I woke up to my lovely partner proposing to me, whilst lying on our lovely pine bed. in Dorset.

I was overwhelmed, and couldn’t wait to tell the world that I had been proposed to, by Valerie Margaret Bolton.

From that date , she was now my fiance, and as luck would have it , I was performing at the Three Compasses in Charminster that night , and what a lovely reception we were given that night Tina and Rob Dixon.

So we started planning the wedding, little did we know the Mountains that we would have to climb because of the racist bureaucratic registrar in London, who were so dam pedantic, I nearly did gave up on several occasions.

My Buddhism, and my fighting spirit, from been a heavyweight boxing champion in the RAF, pulled me through, because Winners never quit , and Quitters never win.

Then the Chinese invaded our plan and numpties in power did not know have a clue what to do, but I chanted silently and I am sure that all of my Buddhists friends in Dorset sent us Daimoku and slowly but surely we overcame the many pedantic, racist, arrogant , moronic idiots who tried and failed miserably prevent us from getting married on the 16th August, 2021 in Wimborne Dorset at one the best wedding venues in the country , DEANS COURT, Jonathan and his staff, went over and beyond the call of duty to make that day, very special, and another big thanks .

So to all of you lovely peeps, who have been on this journey in someway shape of form, please send us as many of your photos to the address we will arrange them some kind of fashion to make a story of the day and for those who were unable to attend, and would like to see our memories of our fabulous day, please log in and enjoy.




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The Wedding Memories

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